GingerCup Advertising

Exposure Time


GingerCup has 3-5 mins of exposure time unlike any other media

Distribution Planning


Exposure time 3-5 min, consumer Reach-targeted ,Monitoring -Feedback Collection Select your target Consumer,based on filter like location,city,age,lifestyle

Analysis Report


Get details,Campaign Photos and post campaign analysis report.A/B testing result for your next big Campaign Planning.

Campaign Execution Process


Understand your Audience


Distribution Planning


Campaign Launch


Post Campaign Analysis

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GingerCup takes marketing up close and personal. It reflects the personalised branding strategy that GingerCup provides to its clients. ‘Simple yet dynamic’ is the motto we believe in. The service offering is simple “the coffee cup with the logo of the brand on it” but how the marketing strategy evolves from this coffee cup is dynamic. That’s the GingerCup story.

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