GingerCup Stories

Marketing gathers STEAM with GingerCup

Of the many campaigns that we do in a month, there are some that stand out for the sheer size of the campaign. One such campaign was for It spanned over two weeks and 1 lakh Gingercups were distributed to tea vendors across Koramangala, Indiranagar and ITPL. One tea vendor caught our attention during this campaign. He served many kinds of tea including green tea and herbal tea. We saw people coming to this place throughout the day and were amazed with the variety he had on offer. Our team decided to know the reason behind his popularity in this area. The tea he prepared was not only refreshing but was always served with a smile on his face. That was the reason we decided we would offer him 600 cups everyday as a token of our appreciation for the service he renders day in and day out.

Fashion serves as inspiration

We have seen the GingerCup outdoor marketing team enthusiastic on the eve of every marketing campaign. But, this was the first time that the crowd was seen to be more enthusiastic than the people promoting the service. The young collegians from Jyoti Nivas, NIFT and Mount Carmel in Bangalore were eager to have a look into the Wooplr App. They downloaded the fashion App on our request and then they seem to be hooked onto it. They were inspired by the Tastemakers on the App who are India’s best fashion enthusiasts. They were thrilled to know where these Tastemakers got their ensemble from. Many even said that they would like to shop the entire look online sooner or later.


Education is a noble profession and getting a chance to market an educational product was indeed a humbling experience. Through this campaign we got to know the expectations and aspirations of the youth of today. Today’s generation wants learning to be interactive and simplistic, and this is what the SuperProfs offer. SuperProfs are an online learning platform which helps students study for various exams. Students can access video lectures anytime anywhere using their App or website. While campaigning, one of our team members noticed a lady reading the logo of SuperProfs intently while having tea from a nearby tea vendor. On further enquiry we came to know that her son had exams and she had come to accompany him. She enquired about the services that SuperProfs had to offer in detail and readily downloaded the App on her phone. She was amazed by the play, pause and rewind option for the video lectures. She later told us that her son was a weak in studies and this App would solve most of his learning related problems.

Sets the ball rolling for your business

There are some campaigns when we suddenly discover how much value the product/service adds to the life of the people using it. The inherent potential of that service is really a revelation for us too. Yumist marketing campaign was one such example. People really were in search of something that makes ordering daily meals on-demand using an App possible. ‘Homely Meals cooked with love’ are a basic necessity for keeping good health especially for those who stay away from their families for education and work. While campaigning we came across many people who were delighted to know about the Food-tech start-up Yumist and its affordable meals. They discovered something they had been searching for long. The expression on their faces was comparable to the expression we have on our faces when we come across an old friend of ours with whom we had lost touch in the years gone by.

GingerCup brewing some love!

The campaigns we do at GingerCup not just brew coffee, they brew stories. For the uberPOOL campaign, branded paper cups were distributed in high traffic areas of Pune. After daily commuters got to know that uberPOOL is now available in their city, everybody started taking these shared rides. The team at GingerCup decided to ask the regular commuters their unique uberPOOL encounters. Guess what? Life is full of surprises. It was rather cute to know that two people met on uberPOOL and ended up falling in love. Not just that, some said they bumped into a childhood friend while others got job offers on the move.

International learning experience in India

The Myra campaign was a fun and emotional one. We at GingerCup targeted colleges and corporates in Mysore and Bangalore. Every person who received a branded paper cup was very impressed with the offerings of the business school. Some students even decided to talk to their parents so that they can apply for their higher studies. In one of the corporate offices, we came across a woman who was extremely happy about hearing of Myra because for long she was looking for a business school for her daughter’s higher studies. She said that her husband and she couldn’t afford sending their daughter abroad and thus were on the lookout for a B-school that offered a global curriculum.

Online gaming wins you a free trip abroad

With the increasing smartphone population in India, there is a growing success of gaming apps. Majority of the game downloads in India are seen by teens, young adults, college students and individuals working in IT offices and corporates. Poker Ninja is steadily gaining momentum in India because of the hefty prize rewards it offers. When Poker Ninja paper cups were taken to colleges and corporates, we saw groups of young adults intently reading the cup

Find your dream home

Brigade Group was soon to be launching 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments on Old Madras Road. The campaign carried out by GingerCup involved distributing blue and yellow branded paper cups in offices, IT parks and prominent tea stalls. It was done in three phases. At every phase, we recorded a different reaction. One of the tea stall vendors said that after GingerCup gave him paper cups, more customers have started visiting his stall as they want to know what new story the cup is brewing. Another tea vendor in Koramangala was happy that he didn’t have to spend on paper cups anymore.

Now, everybody will have a home

This was one of those campaigns where we were actually adding value to the lives of various people. Quite evident from the name, Nestaway offers fully-furnished apartments at affordable prices. Our main target was working professionals and colleges students that have moved to Bangalore for work and education respectively. We wanted to offer them a viable alternative to PG accommodation. During the campaign, we were delighted to know the response we were getting. Many said that they would move out of their PGs and get a Nestaway home instead.

Transfer money at the touch of a button

Most of the problems among large groups mainly occur because of money. When the borrower forgets to pay the lender, problems do arise. Hence, the GingerCup campaign for Chillr was targeted towards college students and corporate offices in Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon. With this revolutionary new app, we wanted to spread awareness that transferring money can be done within few minutes. The app works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The paper cup receivers also discovered that Chillr can be used not just to transfer money, but also to book hotels, flights and movies.

GingerCup associated with magnum opus, Baahubali 2

The GingerCup outdoor marketing team is very enthusiastic on the eve of every marketing campaign. However, this time around, things happened differently. During the Baahubali 2 campaign, the team was not only enthusiastic but also jumping with joy. Obviously, who doesn’t like being associated with one of the most expensive films in Indian cinema? GingerCup was catalyst in making Baahubali 2 the highest grossing Indian film. 7 days from the release, Baahubali 2 paper cups were distributed corporate parks, offices, colleges, shopping malls and tea stalls. The results recorded were pulse-raising. Nearly 1 million tickets were sold online within 24 hours of opening of advance booking.

Taking TV shows & Movies to college campuses

The campaign for Hotstar was rather a fun one. We took the campaign to corporate offices and colleges in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. During the campaign, we got to know the expectations of the youth today. Young adults and teenagers want to watch their favourite TV shows, movies and live cricket anywhere and everywhere. As the paper cups were distributed, there was an instant spurt in app downloads. Since most college campuses are Wi-Fi enabled, students were seen enjoying their shows on the Hotstar app during tea breaks. From watching the latest Game of Thrones season to catching The American Horror Story, students seemed to enjoy their free time.


Delhi Dynamos football club is not only making goals on the field, but is also gathering attention off the field. GingerCup took the campaign to colleges, corporates and highly populated areas in Delhi. Every cup has the schedule of the Delhi team matches and the booking partner – BookMyShow. With 50,000 hours of visibility, the campaign was a big hit. One of the boys from JNU told us that he showed his girlfriend the fancy paper cup and convinced her to come for the match. This left the GingerCup team smiling throughout

“What’s your cup size”, asks Clovia

The online lingerie and nightwear brand Clovia was looking to increase brand awareness among women. Every branded paper cup distributed by GingerCup spotted the tagline ‘What your cup size’. Our aim was to get women to try their ‘fit test’. Close to 50,000 paper cups were distributed over 8 days in Bangalore. The results of the campaign were more than satisfying. Women all over were impressed with the entire concept of how a paper cup was used to describe the perfect bra cup size. The campaign not only generated a wave of interest but also resulted in a lot of women sharing the paper cup on social media platforms.

Chai pe charcha

Financial services’ marketing is generally an uphill battle. But not when you do it with GingerCup. In ITPL, Bangalore, the management hadn’t heard of Scrip Box until the paper cups entered the offices. ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ is common during tea breaks. Discussing the rise and fall in share prices is something most employees do on an everyday basis. Scrip Box capitalised on the moment and became the talk of the town. Within few days, youngsters were seen investing in mutual funds.

GingerCup adding value…

Every campaign we carry out at GingerCup not just aims at marketing the services or offerings of the client, but we also believe in adding value to lives of people where the paper cups are distributed. One such campaign caught our attention. A chai wala in Indiranagar served tea to people for a living. Out of all the money he made, major portion would go in buying his regular supplies. When GingerCup approached him, and distributed paper cups free of cost, he was extremely delighted. He folded his hands and thanked us. Our team decided to give him paper cups every month henceforth.

Over-the-top video in offices

Having already worked for a video on demand service app, this campaign was a breeze for us. We took the app to offices. Keeping in mind the kind of shows Voot offers, our main TG was parents and their kids. Voot that offers 7000 videos across 80 animated characters are suitable for consumption by children between three and ten years. The response we received for the campaign was mind-blowing. We had our team record these responses. Some people in offices immediately got down to downloading the app after they got to know the app is child-safe and easy to use. We also had people discussing how VOOT is better than other competitor online streaming channels.

Pizza party on campus

‘I’m a hard core pizza lover’ said a college student in Bangalore. During our Pizza Hut campaign we came across this really bubbly girl in one of the college campuses. We were amazed with the way she knew everything about pizza delivery services in Bangalore. Her Instagram handle too mainly had pictures of pizza. Not just pizza, she was very fascinated with the packaging too. On seeing the Pizza Hut branded paper cups, she immediately clicked them and put them on Instagram. Team GingerCup received a special mention in her post. The end result was priceless – a whole lot of smiles, and pizza.

The success story of Re. 1 candy

As of March 2017, the Re 1 candy clocked Rs 300 crore in sales. How? While we don’t completely want to take credit for it, we’re happy to have been a part of such a massive marketing campaign. Being associated with such a successful brand gave GingerCup an edge over its competitors. Pulse wasn’t looking to drive sales because they already were, they were looking at reinforcement. Paper cups are a great way to reinforce a candy like which one is most likely to find in tea stalls and paan shops.

Rag rag mein daude Dilli

The reason we’re able to carry out every GingerCup campaign with much ease is because of our logistics team. From timely delivery of the paper cups in various colleges and offices to getting involved with the whole campaign, we thank our support staff for everything. After our tempo driver got to know we’re running a campaign for Radio City 91.9 FM, he laughed and said that now onwards he wouldn’t listen to any other radio station but Radio City. The team had a good laugh, and went on to distribute the paper cups.

Making noise during elections

The ABP campaign went live during the UP elections. We wanted people in colleges and corporates to watch the live coverage of the UP elections on ABP Live. Post the campaign; responses from various people were recorded. The facility manager at an office said ‘Kadak chai and Kadak news always goes well’. Many youngsters even said they were very impressed with real-time updates on the ABP Live news app.

Getting youngsters to shave

Some of the campaigns we do create a huge impact on youngsters. The Gillette campaign was one of those. The receivers of the paper cups were happy to know about the new Gillette PROGLIDE razors. A Bangalore University student told us that his girlfriend constantly asks him to shave, and he doesn’t. Since Valentine’s Day was around the corner, he decided to purchase the razor and shave. Once he groomed his beard, he posted a really cute message for his girlfriend on Facebook along with the paper cup saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks to this paper cup, I shaved’. The number of likes and shares he got on this post was unimaginable.

Tasty encounters

When food start-up Gorb entered offices and colleges, hardly did anyone know about it. We interacted with many youngsters and middle-aged people. Firstly, everyone was really amused with the name. One person even went on to describe a scene from Satte Pe Satta where people literally lunge on the food. He said the name Gorb reminds him of that scene where everyone are enthralled by the power of food.

Big deals on this little app

Though the name is Little, the deals are big. A lot happened over coffee when Little entered corporate offices. GingerCup distributed 50,000 paper cups in IT parks in Bangalore. The campaign that spanned two weeks had everyone talking about these paper cups. The main reason for this is because the offers were too good to be true. From getting two scoops of gelato at Rs. 9 to a meal at Rs. 25, the discounts on the app were driving people crazy. An employee at ITPL told us that as she read the paper cup, she immediately availed the offer. The cup marketing campaign did wonders, which resulted in a spurt in the app downloads.