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The unique way of promotions and its well-throughout marketing strategy will be remembered by all the production houses.

Amongst all the promotion media used by the production house, the Baahubali branded paper cups garnered much attention from corporate offices and college students. The paper cups became a point of discussion during tea breaks.As part of the relentless marketing campaign, Arka Mediaworks Pvt. Ltd tied up with GingerCup, a marketing agency that uses paper cups to tease audiences and convey a brand's story.

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The other side of a cup of coffee - story of a couple from Bangalore

Devleena and Deepak Bansal, the husband-wife duo has brought forth 'The other side' of a cup of coffee. A coffee lover would often wonder what goes behind the irresistible aroma a cup of coffee exudes. But this duo's foresight leverages what goes after a person gets a Cup a Joe in hand. It is with this concept that they started up GingerCup.

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Clovia’s recent outdoor campaign in the online lingerie category hits the market with an innovative activation

The online lingerie and nightwear brand Clovia, is one such brand which cashed in on this thought and recently carried out a bold and quirky on-ground activation in Bengaluru. With the aim to create more awareness about the brand and get people to try its 'Fit Test', Clovia distributed 50,000 cups over eight days to various tea and coffee shops in Bengaluru

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Offline marketing is like a breath of fresh air in today's times, where people are blindly jumping onto the Digital Bandwagon for the sake of it

Marketing activities are essential for every brand, regardless of its size. You need offline marketing to remain etched in the memories of your audience. In today's times, people have a short attention span of nearly 3 seconds on Digital Sphere. Offline marketing can help you enjoy larger attention span. Contrary to popular notion, you need not always spend big bucks to get this kind of an attention span.

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Work Hard To Get What You Like , Otherwise You Will Be Forced To Like What You Get.

A product of NIT Allahabad, one on India's premium technology institutions, Deepak Bansal firmly believes that without hard work &perseverance great things cannot be achieved. He started his career at Wipro and then led the technical team at Samsung India for more than 8 years

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GingerCup Coverage by YourStory

In an era of reduced attention spans, marketers and advertisers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to reach their consumers. Breaking the clutter is imperative, as more and more products hit the market at the speed of light.

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