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We help you cut those unnecessary expenses and deliver high-quality paper cups directly to your office.

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    Branded and biodegradable paper cups sitting on your work desk is definitely a sight to behold. Let’s discuss your requirement?

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We’re here to supply free cups. Whether you have a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll make sure you receive your supply for the month.

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Reduce Operating Costs

As a facility manager, you’re bound to be wearing many unexpected hats. If there’s pressure to tighten the budget belt, give the ‘routine expenses’ a break. Think long term and get free, high quality paper cups for your office. Also, it’s a sure-shot cost reduction initiative during the ongoing crisis.

Volunteer to Help

If you’ve noticed how the beverage station in your office runs, you’ll know how daily beverages are served. If your facility uses paper cups, maybe we can help by making tea breaks more exciting for you.

Be an Eco-Warrior

Use the surplus budget in your operating costs by giving back to Mother Earth. If your monthly paper cup needs are being taken care of, use the excess by investing in the future. Plant a sapling or invest in a CSR activity. Put your funds to use in a better way.

Employee Engagement

Custom printed paper cups are the best way to capture employee attention spans. We don’t just offer regular, plain white paper cups. Instead, our cups are deemed to be informative, relevant and helpful. Each cup is imprinted with an offer or QR code that is highly engaging and attention-grabbing.

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A blend of creativity and technical wizardry, passionately committed to excellence.


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A one-of-a-kind and unique model devised to take care of your monthly paper cup needs.

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How long does it take for the branded paper cups to be manufactured?

A: The stipulated timeframe to manufacture the branded paper cups is two weeks. However, in an untoward situation or lack of labour/raw materials, it may take more than two weeks.

Are the paper cups eco-friendly?

A: Yes. The paper cups are manufactured using ITC paperboard which is recyclable and eco-friendly. Also, the ink used to print the graphics on the paper cup are food-grade equivalent.

Why should I switch to paper cups by GingerCup for my corporate office?

A: If you are not using paper cups, it’s a great move towards the environment. However, if you are using plain paper cups for everyday use, consider switching to GingerCup.

Are the paper cups distributed free of cost?

A: Yes. The paper cups distributed by GingerCup at various locations are free of cost. Since it is an advertising medium, the cost is borne by the advertiser.

I want free paper cups for my office. What do I do?

A: GingerCup has made it simple for companies to get these paper cups. All you have to do is fill out the form below, and let us know the number of employees in your company and how many cups you will need on a monthly basis. Once we get your enquiry, we will get in touch with you and will supply these sponsored paper cups to you.

Will GingerCup send my office free paper cups every month?

A: GingerCup distributes its marketing media to colleges/offices only when it is conducting a campaign. We are not liable to distribute paper cups on a monthly basis. It is completely at our discretion if we want to distribute paper cups to a particular college/office or not. We may also withdraw distributing marketing media to a college/office for future campaigns.

Can excess paper cups be shared with another facility?

A: No. The paper cups have to be used by that facility only. They cannot be transferred, distributed or shared to other facilities. This is mainly because certain campaigns are restricted in terms location, timeliness and relevance. GingerCup distributes the free paper cups to offices for immediate use and hence they cannot be stored.

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Rukmini Knowledge Park, Kattigenahalli, SH 104, Srinivasa Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064