Coffee Cup Advertising – Disposable Coffee Cups

Our passionate clients inspire us to go an extra mile in marketing their businesses. We at GingerCup fulfill this onus through our unique strategy furcated into four different parameters mentioned below.

Disposable Coffee Cup Advertising-Cup Branding-Targeted-Audience

We create Bright Business Through disposable coffee cups Advertisements

Every business has a particular set of audience. For instance, if you deal in toys, your targeted audience would be kids and their parents. Likewise, if a company deals in lingerie, its targeted audience would be women. GingerCup’s strategic approach in this sphere helps it make a decision about which segment of people a business needs to aim at. Once that a particular set of people / audience is decided, they are further divided as per various parameters such as location, gender, profession, lifestyle, age group, education, etc. This detailed strategy enables us distribute our cups aptly to the right audience.We design and deliver perfect set of targeted audience focused disposable coffee cups. This approach will give a scope to our clients for gaining more business in a consistent manner.

Disposable Coffee Cup Advertising-Cup Branding-Business-Needs

The coffee paper cups For Your Business Needs

After deciding the right set of people to aim at, GingerCup strategizes on the distribution of coffee paper cups. Further, keeping our client’s budget, targeted audience, campaign duration, campaign location, etc. into consideration, we decide the quantum of our branded cups to be distributed and plan its distribution within our registered vendor network.We deliberately provide comprehensive strategy levels to our clients. This will enhance the approach to the market and valuable returns on investment to the clients. We assure a prominent way of approach to grow your business.

Disposable Coffee Cup Advertising-Cup Branding-Ad-Campaign

The coffee cup advertising is One Solution for your business

Having the distribution plan in place, GingerCup launches the ad campaign on a chosen date. Accordingly, branded coffee cup advertising are distributed for free at venues (herein referred as ‘touch points’) where they are likely to garner the maximum coverage of targeted audience. This process continues on a daily basis in different areas of a city and different venues till the completion of campaign duration. Side by side, consumption of cups and user engagement is monitored on a daily basis for as long as the campaign continues.

Disposable Coffee Cup Advertising-Cup Branding-Coffee-mug-advertising

Best Choice for Business Re-call Through coffee mug advertising

After the completion of coffee mug advertising campaign duration, GingerCup team captures on-site photographs, surveys the users and records vendor response to the cups branded by GingerCup. Next, the GingerCup team prepares the final campaign report based on the collected information while carrying out the analysis. Further, this authentic report is shared with the clients helping them have an overview of their Return on Investment and plan their next marketing campaign with GingerCup.Having a Good experience in industry and also with the best team support on expanding market to all our clients, we can assure a promising business growth to our clients. The disposable coffee cups are great way of advertising medium now a day. Unlike the other mediums coffee cup advertising or coffee mug advertising will give a great scope to expand business and also helps in brand re-call.