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Cup Branding

GingerCup-Specialists in Paper Cup Advertising-Exposure-Time

Exposure Time

GingerCup has 3-5 mins of exposure time unlike any other media

GingerCup-Specialists in Paper Cup Advertising-Distribution-Planning

Distribution Planning

Exposure time 3-5 min, consumer Reach-targeted ,Monitoring -Feedback Collection Select your target Consumer,based on filter like location,city,age,lifestyle

GingerCup-Specialists in Paper Cup Advertising-Analysis Report

Analysis Report

Get details,Campaign Photos and post campaign analysis report.A/B testing result for your next big Campaign Planning.

GingerCup Campaign

Cup Branding

Cup Branding is a concept that introduces the ad to the target group in a non-intrusive manner within a clutter-free environment which gives them an opportunity to stimulate discussions around the brand. The channel has an exposure time of 5–7 minutes which makes it even more attention-grabbing and effective.

It is a breadth of fresh air in the conventional advertising industry. As an offline marketing agency, our aim is to make your brand visible through high quality ads on coffee and tea cups served at colleges, corporate offices, railways and other high traffic locations.

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